Unlike Luke Skywalker, you can have it in milkshake form.
Here’s what the green milk in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ actually tasted like
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Since the Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally hit theaters last month, fans have debated just about every moment within the film. But perhaps the most enduring saga spawned by the sequel is culinary: specifically, the world's insatiable fascination with the bizarre green milk Luke Skywalker drinks right after milking it from a huge alien creature's udder.

The creature designer behind The Last Jedi's wildlife recently revealed how a giant animatronic puppet with two internal puppeteers operating an "internal milk delivery system" made surprising beverage and it's delivery method possible, but if you don't own a 1500 pound Thala-Siren, worry not: there is now an official recipe you can make right here on your home planet.

Posted to the official Star Wars site, the recipe for Thala-Siren Milkshakes actually ups the ante from what Luke was having, incorporating the "nutritious green milk" into a frozen milkshake complete with a rim of white chocolate and sanding sugar that suitably resembles alien terrain.

The recipe from writer and Food & Wine contributor Jenn Fujikawa, which uses green food gel dye to give the milk it's "viridescent" color, is likely the most elevated attempt to bringing the planet Acht-To's homegrown drink back to Earth yet, though everyone from fans to milk companies have been trying to find real-world equivalents since the movie's last month.

If that's not enough, the official Star Wars site has a host of other Star Wars and The Last Jedi-themed recipes you can use to create your own force sensitive meals, including Porg Chops, Wookie Cookies, and BB-9E hanging-mug cookies. And watch out—with The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson set to create his own, new Star Wars trilogy set in a heretofore-unexplored part of the Star Wars universe, the potential for even stranger new alien milks is higher than ever.