Distraught after failing to find late-night food delivery, a couple of Israeli entrepreneurs envisioned a device that could instantly produce meals without any fuss. What they’ve developed could best be described as a Keurig for meals, though they prefer to cite the show Star Trek.

Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco have created the Genie, an appliance about the size of a coffeemaker that is able to spit out all sorts of meals—including snacks or desserts—in about 30 seconds by using pods containing natural dehydrated ingredients.

“The dish can be anything—it can be a meal like chicken with rice, like couscous with vegetable or an amazing ramen or even a chocolate soufflé or any other dessert that you want,” Carasso told Reuters, before emphasizing, “We're using only natural ingredients, we're not using any preservatives or anything that people add to their meals.”

The process is simple for users: The Genie works at the push of a button (from a smartphone app, of course), adding additional liquid from tubes attached to the back of the device while cooking your meal to perfection. The pods come freeze-dried in 5-ounce packages (which are completely recyclable) and have a shelf life of between one and two years.

To help hype the product, the duo has been comparing their invention to Star Trek’s “replicator”—a device that could spit out meals on demand. The Genie, which is being produced by White Innovation, hopes to start commercially in convenience stores and cafés before eventually selling for use in homes—with mass production starting, according to Reuters, “sooner than expected.”

The future is now, guys. Who hasn’t dreamed of eating like a Klingon?