Captain’s Holiday is the second beer this year celebrating Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 30th anniversary.
star trek captains holiday anniversary
Credit: Courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing Co.

In the world of entertainment, Star Trek truly is The Little Engine That Could. Cancelled by NBC in 1969 due to low ratings, the original series went on to inspire countless films, additional TV series, books, games and other products in a wide variety of iterations. And now, over 50 years after its original television debut, the Star Trek name adorns an ever-growing line of successful craft beer releases—including a brand new holiday-themed release.

Courtesy of New York’s Shmaltz Brewing Company comes Star Trek: The Next Generation 30th Anniversary Ale – Captain’s Holiday. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but this beer is trying to cover a lot of bases. Not only is this tropically-tinged beer brewed with natural citrus flavors intended as a holiday release, this “Collector’s Edition” product is also meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation which first aired back in 1987. As such, the name “Captain’s Holiday” actually comes from the title of an episode of that series in which “the crew convinces Captain Picard to take a much-needed vacation on the pleasure planet Risa” (of course).

Captain’s Holiday is only the latest official Star Trek release from Shmaltz. Earlier this year, the brewery released another Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed beer called Symbiosis. And since 2016, the brand has released three other Star Trek-themed beers, including two Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ales to celebrate the original series 50-year golden anniversary and a Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter. You practically need to be equal parts Trekkie and beer geek to wrap your head around all these beer releases and how they relate to the Star Trek universe.

But getting back to the basics, Shmaltz states that Captain’s Holiday will be available starting this week, offered in 4-packs at retailers in 35 states, as well as on draft at select bars. Meanwhile, the brewery hasn’t tipped its hand as to whether we’ll see more Star Trek beers in 2018, but if history has taught us anything about Star Trek, it’s that this latest beer is unlikely to be the final frontier.