Star Trek Adds Two New Limited Edition Wines to Its Fleet

The new Cabernet Sauvignon was produced in alliance with the leaders of Klingon Assault Group and the Klingon Language Institute.

Star Trek Wine Bottles
Photo: Wines That Rock / ViacomCBS Consumer Products

Trekkies (or Trekkers as some of them prefer to be called) are known throughout the universe as some of the most diehard fans of a television and film franchise ever. At some point, they must have gotten a reputation for their drinking enthusiasm, too. We've seen a whole slew of official Star Trek beers, an official Star Trek vodka, and, last year, a brand new line of official Star Trek wines. And the journey has not come to an end. This week, that collection of Star Trek wines doubled like so many Tribbles with two new bottles: a 2018 Klingon Bloodwine Cabernet Sauvignon and a United Federation of Planets Special Reserve 2019 Sauvignon Blanc.

The new wines once again come courtesy of the branded wine specialists at Wines That Rock (as the name implies, they make wines with bands as well) and licensing partner ViacomCBS Consumer Products and can only be purchased exclusively on Needless to say, branding is a big part of the package here, but for those concerned about the liquid inside, both bottles were produced at E2 Family Winery in Lodi, California.

Of the two new bottles, the Klingon Bloodwine gets top billing. "Wines That Rock partnered with the leaders of KAG (Klingon Assault Group) and the KLI (Klingon Language Institute) for their expertise in all things Klingon while creating the fabled Klingon Bloodwine. Everything from the design aesthetics, use of language, and the wine itself was carefully crafted with authenticity in mind," the company explains. "In honoring the ancient methods of the great Klingon vintners, premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were used to create this traditional Bloodwine, cultivated to produce strong flavors that glisten a vibrant ruby color in the glass with aromas of dark chocolate and bold flavors."

Individual bottles sell for $50, and the first shipments will go out on September 17, better known in some sectors as "The Klingon Day of Honor."

Meanwhile, with the Sauvignon Blanc, the literal bottle is the main selling point. "Its futuristic round shape and unique label cut were inspired by the StarFleet Delta and are a nod to Star Trek: The Next Generation official issue uniforms," Wines That Rock touts. But from there, they get a little galaxy-brained. The company states the wine itself "was crafted by an intergalactic sommelier and designed to please palates on multiple planets." In layman terms, that later translates to: "flavors of elegant tropical fruits and white peach [bursting] forth with a refined acidity that balances the ripe citrus aromas."

This "Special Reserve Sauvignon Blanc" comes in individually-numbered bottles for $40 each. Not to be overly skeptical of Star Trek wines, but if you're more of a fan of Sauvignon Blanc than Star Trek, at that relatively high price point you're probably better off seeking a bottle elsewhere.

"Star Trek Wines is one of our all-time favorite projects. The collaboration between Star Trek experts from ViacomCBS Consumer Products team, our award-winning winemakers and designers, as well as several of the world's leading Star Trek and Klingon experts have produced two new additions to the Official Star Trek Wines Collection that our entire company are proud of," Wines That Rock's President Howard Jackowitz said in the announcement. "Our goal is always to create great tasting, limited-edition, collectible wines that we as fans want to own and enjoy. As Klingon Warriors would say—Qapla!"

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