F&W challenged three ambitious pastry chefs to do something easy yet impressive with fruit.

The '00s have seen the rise of a new superstar: the celebrity pastry chef. Now, in the newest twist on the trend, some of the biggest names in pastry are leaving their posts at renowned restaurants to open their own small but ambitious spots. In New York City, for instance, Pichet Ong (formerly of Spice Market and 66) will open P*ONG this month; Will Goldfarb (formerly of Cru) has dazzled everyone with his wildly inventive Room 4 Dessert. In Seattle, Sue McCown (recently of Earth & Ocean) is following suit at Coco La Ti Da.

Can boldly innovative pastry chefs like these create doable desserts for the home baker? F&W found out that they could when we challenged each of them to create an easy, late-summer recipe using only blackberries, raspberries or peaches and pantry staples.

Sue McCown

Her Signature Style Playful riffs on homey desserts, like cookie sticks with chocolate dipping sauce.
Her F&W Recipe Buttery honey tuiles layered with lush blackberry mousse.
Her Latest Venture COCO LA TI DA 806 E. Roy St., Seattle; 206-789-COCO.

Will Goldfarb

His Signature Style Edgy, avant-garde desserts like carbonated coconut mousse.
His F&W Recipe A deliciously crisp Campari meringue with whipped cream, sweet baked peaches and a tart raspberry sauce.
His Latest Venture ROOM 4 DESSERT 17 Cleveland Pl., New York City; 212-941-5405.

Pichet Ong

His Signature Style Whimsical desserts with an Asian twist.
His F&W Recipe A creamy, ethereal raspberry semifreddo with a hit of bittersweet chocolate.
His Latest Venture P*ONG 150 W. 10th St., New York City; 212-929-0898.