By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 21, 2015
It might look like a potato but it's actually one of Chef Trevor Moran's whimsical desserts
© Andrea Behrends

Because of massive budget cuts over the last several years, public schools have had to slash music programs all over the country. But chefs and musicians are coming together with VH1 Save the Music Foundation to help bring those programs back.

The Musically Mastered Menus series kicks off the first of three events in Nashville on April 27. Attendees will get a special acoustic set from the typically raucous, blues-tinged voice of Elle King and a four-course menu from Trevor Moran of Food & Wine favorite The Catbird Seat. You can see Moran’s entire menu for the evening below.

First Course

  • Puffed beef tendons and mushrooms
  • Bob Woods ham and peanut oil
  • Chilled oysters and seaweed vinegar
  • Grilled lettuce with bottarga

Second Course

  • Beef tartare to share on crispy toast
  • Whole roasted duck breasts with potatoes

Third Course

  • Lemon icebox pie salad—lemon icebox pie ice cream over sour sorrel leave and topped with bourbon-candied pecans
  • Potato in dirt—a potato-infused, potato-shaped cream puff buried in chocolate “dirt”

In addition to Nashville, Musically Mastered Menus will also hit Chicago on Aug. 1 in conjunction with the Lollapalooza music festival and New York City on Nov. 11.

Tickets are $500 each (come on, people, this is for a good cause) and you can find them on Event Brite.