Stanley Tucci Just Dropped a Limited-Edition Collab with S.Pellegrino

The "Stan Pellegrino" bottle set comes engraved with Tucci's signature.

Stanley Tucci with S.Pellegrino
Photo: Courtesy of S.Pellegrino

Team Tucci, assemble. Stanley Tucci, whose show Searching for Italy returns for a second season on March 13, has just announced a multi-year collaboration with S. Pellegrino, and there's Tucci-themed water involved.

Not only will the third-generation Italian-American actor appear in an ad campaign shot in San Pellegrino Terme — the idyllic locale in Bergamo, Italy, where the brand sources its water — but there will also be a limited-edition "Stan Pellegrino" bottle set released for lucky fans. It includes a cutting board and stemless water glasses, and each bottle in the set is engraved with Tucci's signature.

Stanley Tucci with S.Pellegrino
Courtesy of S.Pellegrino

"I loved visiting the source of the water I have been drinking for years—what a beautiful spot. I certainly would recommend it to visit," Tucci told Food & Wine. "The shooting was great fun, and creating the Stan Pellegrino bottle sets for fans was the perfect way to celebrate our partnership."

It's no surprise, then, that when asked which area of Italy he's most fallen in love with, he told us Northern Italy — "particularly Lake Como and the Alps," he said. "It is stunningly beautiful and the food is amazing." For his favorite regional pasta dish, however, you'll have to head down south.

"'Spaghetti con zucchine alla nerano' is a very simple dish from Campania made with zucchine, basil, olive oil, and Parmigiano," Tucci said. "It's brilliant."

The limited-edition Stan Pellegrino bottle sets will be available via a giveaway starting today until February 16. Throughout the year, the brand will announce more collaborations with Tucci.

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