It's not officially branded with Huy Fong rooster sauce, but it will have to do.
sriracha runa
Credit: Courtesy of StarKist Co.

For generations, canned tuna worked a little something like this: You'd choose between tuna canned in water or oil, open in up, and think, Alright, now what? More recently, tuna giant StarKist has been trying to rectify this problem, offering pouches with things like ready-to-eat tuna salad and its line of "Tuna Creations," featuring fish that's already been flavored with options like "Herb & Garlic" or "Tapatio." Now, StarKist is saying don't even worry about grabbing the rooster sauce: The brand has just introduced Tuna Creations Bold Sriracha pouches.

Sadly, unlike the tuna brand's Tapatio pouches, StarKist's new sriracha-flavored tuna pouches don't come with any sort of official sriracha brand endorsement (no, they aren't Huy Fong), but the company still promises this fish comes with seasoned with "red chili peppers, garlic and vinegar" ready to add a "spicy kick to a ramen noodle salad, tuna burger or can even be enjoyed straight from the pouch." Yes, don't be embarrassed that you forked all of it into your mouth before the tuna made it to your sandwich.

starkist makes sriracha tuna
Credit: Courtesy of StarKist Co.

"StarKist is constantly evolving in order to ensure our Bold varieties are meeting the needs of consumers who are looking for spicy flavors," Andy Mecs, Director of Marketing & Innovation for StarKist Company, said in a statement. "Sriracha, one of the fasting growing condiments in the U.S., pairs perfectly with our tuna, allowing consumers to enjoy the health benefits of seafood with a tangy, BOLD kick of flavor."

Sriracha is only the latest edition to StarKist's "Bold" Tuna Creations line which, beyond Tapatio, also includes Hot Buffalo, Thai Chili and Jalapeno varieties, as well as a version that comes with rice and beans in hot sauce. The brand also offers seven non-bold Tuna Creation options: Ranch, Herb & Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Hickory Smoked, Sweet & Spicy, Bacon Ranch and Honey BBQ. At this point, regular old canned tuna has gone the way of the newspaper and the rotary phone!