By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 16, 2015
Courtesy of Chobani

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of writing about sriracha appearing in seemingly inappropriate places. I assumed the inevitable lull came because sriracha had already been added to everything on Earth. But at least one company has no qualms about its late arrival to the party: Chobani has recently revealed they plan to release a “Sriracha Mango” Greek yogurt.

Now, to be fair, this isn’t Greek yogurt with a sriracha swirl. Instead, the product, which is a part of their “Flip” line, comes packaged with “sriracha roasted rice crisps, mini sesame sticks, and salted cashews” that are intended to top or be mixed in with the attached mango-flavored yogurt.

According to Nielsen data provided by Chobani sales of Greek yogurt are still growing, although far below its once torrid pace. Brands like Chobani are looking for places to rebuild growth and apparently spicy flavors are the next horizon: Along with sriracha, Chobani will also launch a chipotle flavor early next year. “We think these sweet and spicy things are very interesting. Very interesting,” said Chobani’s Chief Marketing and Brand Officer Peter McGuinness.

So what does Sriracha Mango yogurt taste like? It’s “not so much hot as it is savory and sweet,” according to BuzzFeed. So what you’re saying is that maybe people should just add a sriracha swirl to their yogurt?

Either way, I’m glad to see this product hitting the market. I was almost forgetting how to spell “sriracha.”