No, it’s not a collaboration with Huy Fong, but it will have to do.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 24, 2019

Doritos certainly isn’t as prolific as a brand like Oreo when it comes to releasing new varieties, but the corn chip company ain’t no slouch either. Earlier this year, we finally got Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos — porting the popular flavor over from its Frito-Lay compatriot, Cheetos. Other current variations include everything from the straightforward Doritos Salsa Verde to the headier Doritos Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wing — so I think we can safely file a rumored new flavor under the “what took them so long” category: Sriracha-flavored Doritos are apparently on their way.

Wulf Voss / EyeEm / jahcottontail143/Getty Images

News of this purportedly forthcoming flavor began where it often does these days: on the Instagram snack scene rumor mill. A few days ago, the account LA Snackdown posted an image of a green and red bag of Doritos Screamin’ Sriracha (marked as “Not for sale”) next to a bowl of chips. “Proceed with caution! Screamin’ Sriracha Doritos coming this October,” the post begins. Of course, we live in a world where Photoshop fakes aren’t uncommon, so Snackdown ups the proof ante with a brief personal review, “These did not disappoint. 9/10.”

Worth noting is that, unlike Doritos Tapatio flavor which is an official collaboration with that name-brand hot sauce, this bag is simply a generic “sriracha” without any mention of America’s best-known sriracha brand Huy Fong. That’s not to say Doritos Screamin’ Sriracha won’t be awesome, but for Huy Fong diehards, this could create a bit of disappointment.

Regardless, we’ve reached out to Doritos to see if we can get any confirmation of this potential new offering and have yet to hear anything back. If we do receive word, we’ll let you know. But also for the record, a Sriracha-flavored Doritos variety isn’t unprecedented: The brand released the flavor in Japan last year.