By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 19, 2014
© Spotify

No one said making the perfect Thanksgiving bird was easy. You’ve gotta think about weight, time and temperature, often leading to some awful Algebra 1 flashbacks.

This year, Spotify has a plan to make cooking your turkey as easy as possible. It has released an official Turkey Timer, and the process couldn’t be simpler. Just select the weight of your bird, pick your preferred musical genre from laidback choices such as Americana to more upbeat holiday fare like Club Kitchen, and the streaming music service creates a playlist of the perfect cooking length.

Spotify still encourages you to check on your turkey, because anyone who’s ever cooked one knows that no system is foolproof. And you have to listen to all of the songs on the list, even if you don’t like them: Skipping songs could lead to a dangerously undercooked turkey, so let’s hope you’re happy with what the service selects.

Regardless, it’s a fun concept. And according to Spotify, people stream more music on Thanksgiving than on any other US holiday—so really, it’s practically your duty as an American to use these playlists. Also you probably need something to drown out the drunken ramblings of certain family members who will remain unnamed.