13 restaurants you should visit this fall if you love Halloween. 
Opentable spookiest restaurants
Credit: Richard Hartog/Getty Images

Fall is obviously the spookiest season. Apart from Halloween, the weather turns colder in the fall, the trees turn orange and red, and there’s always a chill in the air. Why not embrace the fall season by adding a possible haunting to your next meal? Or maybe enjoy a romantic dinner in the hotel where Stephen King wrote The Shining? If you’re more of a history buff, maybe you’d like to have a drink in Aaron Burr’s carriage house? Yes, if you like a good scare, there are even some restaurants that double as haunted houses, and OpenTable has a list of 13 of the creepiest in America.

From a restaurant that sits near the site of Al Capone’s infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to another located in apple orchard supposedly built by the first woman to be persecuted in the Salem witch trials, these restaurants have something for every type of Halloween-fanatic.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Cascades Restaurant and Lounge - Stanley Hotel; Estes Park, CO: Stephen King worked on The Shining in this hotel.
  2. Chelsea's Chowder House- The Queen Mary; Long Beach, CA: This restaurant is located aboard The Queen Mary, a former WWII vessel still haunted by several of its cooks.
  3. Firefly- Studio City, CA:This restaurant holds a festive Halloween-themed party every year.
  4. Muriel's Jackson Square- New Orleans, LA:The Séance Lounge at Muriel's is rumored to be home to the spirit of a man who lost the estate in a card game.
  5. The Olde Pink House Restaurant- Savannah, GA: Several spirits supposedly haunt this 18th-century mansion.
  6. One if by Land, Two if By Sea- New York, NY: This restaurant is in the former carriage house of Aaron Burr who fatally shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Rumor has it that both Burr and his daughter haunt the building.
  7. The Pirate’s House - Savannah, GA: A maze of secret underground tunnels leads to the Savannah river beneath this restaurant.
  8. Restaurant 1833 - Monterey, CA: The man who used to own the home where this restaurant is now located, Mr. Stokes, was an English sailor who tricked the town of Monterey into thinking he was a doctor.
  9. Riccardo Enoteca- Chicago, IL: This restaurant is located near the site of the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre orchestrated by Al Capone.
  10. River Roast- Chicago, IL: With the river outside infamous for deadly shipwrecks, this waterside restaurant decorates for the Halloween season.
  11. Stone's Public House - Ashland, MA:A painting of Captain John Stone, the builder and businessman behind the restaurant, watches over diners.
  12. Turner's Seafood– Salem, MA:Turner's Seafood is located in an apple orchard supposedly built by the first woman persecuted during the Salem witch trials, and locals think she still haunts the grounds.
  13. White Horse Tavern- Newport, RI:As the “oldest bar in the America,” this tavern must have a few ghosts from colonial times hanging around the property.