It's one of many scented collaborations between Tattly and artist Vincent Jeannerot.

tattly temporary tattoos of spices scented
Credit: Courtesy of Tattly

Tattly has combined two of the most Brooklyn-y things, artsy tattoos and the cultural cache of artisanal groceries, to make the single most-Brooklyn-y product of all time: the Bouquet Garni Set of temporary tattoos by Tattly. The set is comprised of scented tattoos that look and smell like various spices.

The tattoos were designed by Vincent Jeannerot, an artist from Lyon, France who specializes in botanical watercolors. A testament to his expertise, these tattooed illustrations of spices are totally gorgeous. You can follow Jeannerot on Instagram to add some illustrated prettiness to your feed. The scents of the tattoos are created by Agilex Fragrances, a company that supplies scents to other manufacturers. The tattoos come in Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. So now, if you really want to, you can taste, wear, smell, and sing the spices all at the same time.

tattly spices tattoos scented packaging
Credit: Courtesy of Tattly

Jeannerot has also previously designed a set of temporary tattoos of perennials for Tattly, which are also scented and also gorgeous. Tattly also sells a set of scented candy jewelry inspired tattoos, designed by Julia Rothman, a Brooklyn-based artist. The Arm Candy Set is a little less about the restrained, elegant quality of Jeannerot's botanical illustrations and more about shouting to the world, "Hey, not only do I still wear temporary tattoos, but they're also shaped like candy. And they smell good."

If you don't care about your temporary tattoos being scented, Tattly has all kinds of amazing, super well-designed food-themed tattoos, including pizza tattoos, taco tattoos, coffee tattoos, and wine tattoos. Still, it's tough to beat the hipster appeal of a scented, illustrated rosemary tattoo from a French artist and a Brooklyn temporary tattoo company.

You can buy the set of eight spice tattoos here for $18.