By FWx Editors
Updated September 01, 2015

Sriracha mania has calmed down a bit from last year’s bounty of sriracha-flavored everything and the very real concerns that America might suffer a sriracha shortage. But that just means the rooster sauce is waiting to be reimagined. For food stylist David Ma, that means Sphereracha—tiny pearls of the hot sauce he invented that could make it even more fun to eat.

You can see Ma make it above, but along with Nomiku, he released his recipe so that sriracha lovers can make their own Sphereacha at home. It involves a bit of molecular gastronomy, but anyone willing to do a little experimenting should be able to handle it.

Sphereacha instructions:

1. Using an emulsion blender or tiny espresso whisk, mix a base of two parts sriracha to one part honey. Add water as needed to make the base thinner.
2. Once blended, add 5 grams of sodium alginate to base and set in fridge with a plastic wrap lid.
3. Mix calcium chloride and one quart of water in separate clear PlexiGlass dish.
4. Using a syringe, drop tiny droplets of your sriracha-honey base into the calcium chloride mixture.
5. After 2 to 3 minutes, the balls should gel and are ready to be placed in a water bath to set.
6. Garnish your favorite dishes with the Sphereacha pearls.