fitness havens, Texas Chicken

Hart Healthy
"I just ordered 25 Araucana chicks, the kind that lay pink and blue eggs. I'm so excited!" says Paula Disbrowe, the chef at Hart & Hind, a new fitness retreat-cum-working ranch in Texas Hill Country. Disbrowe and David Norman (he's formerly of Manhattan's Bouley Bakery) serve healthy and delicious (versus lite and joyless) recipes like the ones listed on this page to no more than 12 visitors per week. When not eating, guests can hike, ride horses, take stretch classes, get massages or hang out with Gilda, the baby goat that thinks it's a dog (866-868-1264).

At-home Spa
Open your own Canyon Ranch with The Spa Deck, a stack of 50 gorgeously illustrated cards with spa recipes, beauty treatments and rejuvenation techniques. Stock up on basic ingredients--herbs, essential oils and fresh fruits--follow the instructions, then bask in a lavender bath, sip a Kiwi Kick smoothie or fight stress with a Marrakech massage balm. Or try your hand at reflexology: grab a (very!) loved one's foot and use the foot map. With your cup of Yogi tea and a chamomile compress, you might wonder if you'll ever spend more than $14 (the cost of the deck) for a spa treatment again.

--Jessica Blatt

Fitness Havens
At Red Mountain, the Adventure Spa, in Ivins, Utah, guests can bike or hike on nearly 100 trails and choose from three spa menus, which include dishes like grilled rattlesnake (800-407-3002). The enormous new spa at Cranwell Resort, Spa & Golf Club in Lenox, Massachusetts, offers wildflower scrubs and sport stretch classes (413-637-1364). Formerly called John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch, Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona, now has luxury casitas with in-room tea ceremonies and spa treatments (480-948-2100). At Caneel Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Self Centre offers "m'ai chi" (tai chi meets martial arts) and Breathwalk, a walking, breathing and meditation class, in Virgin Islands National Park (888-767-3966).

--Leesa Chalk Suzman