Three flavors of the meal replacement drinks will be sold at 18 7-Eleven locations in Los Angeles. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 07, 2017
Corutesy of Soylent

Today Rosa Foods, the company that producers Soylent, the line of ready-to-drink meals beloved by tech bros – announced that the food alternative might soon be sold at 7-Eleven.

Released all the way back in 2014, Soylent is supposed to be to able to provide all the vitamins and other nutrients your body needs to survive, without the inconvenience of actually having to eat them. (You know, if you consider enjoying food an inconvenience.)

Soylent will start testing the ready-to-drink meals at eighteen 7-Eleven locations in Los Angeles, beginning Monday, July 10th. Only three flavors will be available: Cacao, Café Coffiest, and Café Chai. Each one contains a rather astounding 20 grams of protein, but only accounts for 20% of your daily nutrition, which means you would have to drink five bottles of Soylent per day if you wanted to completely replace food with it.

“This new collaboration with 7-Eleven will make Soylent an even better option for customers looking for convenience without sacrificing their health, Rob Rhinehart, Soylent’s creator and CEO, said in a statement. Given that most food options in a convenience store do require sacrificing your health, maybe they're onto something.

Rhinehart once wrote a pretty weird manifesto about his meal replacement drinks, in which he called grocery shopping a “living nightmare,” and confessed that he gets all his clothes custom made in China. When Soylent first came out, Rhinehart explained that he’s “looking forward to the point where food can just be art.”

Hopefully Rhinehart will be able to settle for a world where food can be for both art and eating, because we’re personally fans of a delicious, hearty meal over here.

You may also remember that Soylent was recently recalled because it turned out some of the powder actually contained dairy, going against the products claims of vegan compatibility.

If you don’t live in Los Angeles, Soylent is currently available for purchase on their website, and on Amazon. But if these tests are successful, you might soon be able to purchase this futuristic meal replacement alongside Cheetos and those sleeves of crumb doughnuts. Then again, you're not supposed to need those snacks when you're drinking your entire diet.