How these rising stars got their food-based monikers. 

South Korea women's curling
Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The winter Olympics has revealed its fair share of breakout stars: Figure skater Adam Rippon captured so many hearts that NBC offered him a deal as a correspondent (which he turned down). Snowboarder Chloe Kim and her food tweets charmed their way into the limelight. Now you might want to pay attention to South Korea’s women’s curling team, which is not only currently the top-ranked women’s curling team at the games, but also has some fun nicknames to go along with their wins.

The curling team, made up of members Kim Seon-Yeong, Kim Kyeong-ae, and Kim Yeong-mi (the latter two are sisters), and led by skipper Kim Eun-Jung, decided to come up with some creative nicknames to use during competition. As USA Today reports, the women go by the names of their favorite breakfast foods.

Eun-Jung is called Annie, after a popular brand of yogurt. Seon-Yeong is known as Sunny, short for sunny-side up eggs. Kyeong-ae goes by Steak (pretty straightforward), while Kim Cho-hi, the team’s alternate, is nicknamed Chocho, after a brand of chocolate cookies.

The food references for this team don’t end there, however. The entire team is from a town called Uiseong, in the Gyeongsangbuk-do province. The area is known for its garlic farms, so the team is informally known as the Garlic Girls. The team’s coach isn’t a fan of the nickname though, hoping their fans will be able to come up with something more "feminine."

Personally, I would not be at all bothered if people started referring to me by the name of the food my city of birth is known for—of course, I’m from Seattle so that would be coffee, and who doesn’t love coffee?

Things might be more complicated if I tried to go by the name of my favorite breakfast food given that my choice would be mashed avocado on toast. But in the case of these expert South Korean curlers, the tactic is an adorable way to keep the games light-hearted and fun, even in the midst of fierce competition.