You’ll find everything from merch to Instagram-worthy desserts (and candy, of course).

By Mike Pomranz
August 11, 2020

If you’ve ever been to Times Square, you’ve probably seen that M&M’s has a store (M&M’s World) and Hershey’s has a store (Hershey’s Chocolate World, ostensibly a separate planet). But if your sweet tooth skews sour over chocolate, you can now head a few miles south to a Manhattan shop more up your alley: the Sour Patch Kids Store.

Announced today, the new permanent (don’t call it a pop-up!) outlet for everything Sour Patch Kids is located at the corner of Bond Street and Broadway—not too far from NYU—and has been launched to celebrate the sour candy’s 35th anniversary. Though fully Sour Patch Kids-themed, the store is technically run by candy retailer It’Sugar—which actually means there’s plenty of candy-selling experience behind the new shop.

Credit: Sour Patch Kids
Credit: Sour Patch Kids

As far as what to expect, Sour Patch Kids fans will find “a wide range of colorful, limited-edition merchandise, from mugs and t-shirts to socks and beach totes.” Additionally, the brand says, “Visitors will get a chance to create their own candy mix, pose with the Kids inside a full-size yellow taxi, and experience a first-of-its-kind Sour Patch Kids Sweets Bar with treats to-go. Chefs have reimagined classic desserts and put a sour-then-sweet spin on smoothies, ice cream, cookies, edible cookie dough made in collaboration with DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections and more.” Kudos to Sour Patch Kids for not spelling it out, but those final items include some incredibly Instagram-worthy shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and other desserts.

Credit: Sour Patch Kids
Credit: Sour Patch Kids

“We’re excited for the Kids to bring their playful, sour-then-sweet attitude to the Big Apple and make their mark with the first-ever Sour Patch Kids store,” Brand Manager Danielle Freid stated. “We created this new experience for our fans to engage with the Sour Patch Kids brand on a whole new level, but of course understand that these are uncertain times. With this store as our new permanent home, we want our fans to know that the Kids aren’t going anywhere. We welcome visitors to join us for a colorful, flavorful experience whenever they’re ready to explore the city again. The Kids will be waiting!”

Speaking of which, if you’re worried about this new shop leading to a human “sugar rush,” the Sour Patch Kids Store says it's taking plenty of coronavirus-related precautions with the opening: lowering capacity for social distancing, only serving to-go items, keeping the candy station open but sanitary, and requiring face coverings. (Please don’t get in a fight with anyone over a mask at the dang Sour Patch Kids Store!)

Still not interested in leaving your house, even for Sour Patch Kids? The store is even offering delivery on some items. You can find more info on the official website.