So far, it's only been spotted at one grocery store. 

When it comes to ice cream, anything goes. When Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream released its own version of avocado toast—avocado ice cream spread on a slice of white bread and drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, and condensed milk—we were ready to line up for a bite. When Salt & Straw debuted smoked ham soft serve, it was a breakout hit. So when we discovered that people had spotted Sour Patch Kids flavored ice cream at the grocery store, there were no raised eyebrows. No questioning glances. We’re just excited to try it.

Let’s get one thing straight first: This is not the Baskin-Robbins Sour Patch Kid ice cream that came out in April of last year. That flavor was called Sour Patch Kids RedBerry Blast, and it was a “blend [of] marshmallow and red cherry-flavored ice cream.” This is a completely new variation on the same theme.

So far, the ice cream has only appeared at Walmart. It’s called Red, White, and Blue, and it’s a mix of vanilla ice cream and lemon sorbet, to give it an extra tart kick. There are pieces of the blue raspberry candy mixed in throughout, and a raspberry swirl.

One Instagram user said that frozen candy bites are a bit hard to chew but the “raspberry ribbon” is really what makes the ice cream sour. The Instagram account Junk Food Mom seconded that account, writing, “What makes this sour is the Redberry swirl...If you get a spoonful of it I guarantee your face will pucker up.”

As Delish points out, the ice cream is made by Dreyer’s and while it’s only been spotted at Walmart so far, it’s unclear whether or not it’s exclusive to that store, or if it may pop up at other supermarkets, so keep your eye on the freezer section.

Can’t find the Sour Patch Kids Red, White, and Blue ice cream? There’s an alternative if reading this has given you an inescapable craving for a sour frozen treat: J&J Snack Foods announced yesterday that it has released Sour Patch Kids “sour then sweet” ice pops nationwide.