Credit: © McDonald’s

Fast food restaurants have notorious reputations for taking existing menu items and remixing their parts into crazy new offerings. I’m quite sure that Taco Bell, for example, only has about five ingredients back in their kitchen, yet they’ve pushed the limits of mathematical probability to create a seemingly infinite number of oddly named, vaguely Mexican foods.

But even including the breakfast quesalupa (that’s a thing, right?), it may be McDonald’s Japan that’s finally gone too far. Coming next week, some Asian outposts of the burger giant will be crossing the deep-fryer with the sundae station and releasing what they’re calling “McChocolate Potatoes.” Don’t try to wrap your head around it too hard: It’s literally just McDonald’s french fries that have been drizzled in chocolate and white chocolate sauce.

Japanese diners can get fries topped with chocolate sauce for $2.75 or upgrade to McChocolate Potatoes in a value meal for just 50 cents. But they’ll want to take advantage of that great deal soon. These chocolate fries will only be available for a limited time, vanishing around mid-February, which RocketNews24 says is probably set to coincide with the passing of Valentine’s Day.

However, in the interest of getting the news directly from the source, I decided to run the McDonald’s Japan press release through Google Translate. “Two-color chocolate source of overturn the common sense of ‘Mac fries!’” it proclaims, according to Google. Actually, that makes about as much sense as drizzling chocolate sauce on McDonald’s fries.