Saltie Girl, Fried Lobster and Waffle
Credit: © Saltie Girl

After an epic night out, our recovery/survival plan includes finding comfort in a heaping plate of fried chicken and waffles. But every once in a while we want to go big. Like lobster big. This New England take on a classic southern dish can be found at Boston’s Saltie Girl, the newest venture for Kathy Sidell of the Met Restaurant Group.

The buttery fried lobster practically melts in your mouth and the waffle offers the perfect crispy base to this hangover cure-all.

The “bread”: A massive crispy buttermilk waffle with a dollop of housemade corn butter that is churned from local Mapleline cream.

The filling: A mound of delicate, rich lobster is dipped in buttermilk then quickly fried giving it a crisp, golden coating. It is then drizzled with a Thai Bird chili -infused maple syrup. It’s slightly spicy, it’s super buttery and it’s a meal you won’t want to share with your dining companions.

Wash it down with: An elevated Old Fashioned called the Orange Cocktail. Saltie Girl’s take on the classic cocktail is made with Redemption Rye, a dehydrated blood orange chip garnish and an Angostura bitters ice sphere.