Burger King, Toy
Credit: ChaseLambeth/Imgur

People of a certain age will have a soft spot for the Gameboy Color—the 1998 improvement over the original Gameboy that replaced the sepia-toned graphics with upwards of nine colors. Those same people might also remember Burger King’s mini Gameboy toy tie-in from the year 2000. The little contraptions that BK put out weren’t actually playable video games—they just showed some images from Pokémon. Even for the time period, that’s not particularly impressive. But an enterprising hacker took one of those cheap Burger King toys and turned it into a fully functioning video game apparatus.

Redditor ChaseLambeth, who had been able to finish the version of this project he was working on, posted these pictures of some completed Gameboys he found via Instagram. The little gadget works was put together cracking open the old toys and inserting a LCD screen and a Raspberry Pi Zero—a tiny computer board—into the back. It’s true, video game technology has far surpassed a late ‘90s Gameboy Color, but it’s hard to argue with the double dose of nostalgia contained in these tiny pieces of plastic.