Credit: © Cultura RM Exclusive / Danielle Wood / Getty Images

We love avocados as much anyone, but even we think basing an entire restaurant around the Instagram-friendly superfood is a little much. And when five courses of avocado cost $80, we really start to raise our eyebrows. But that is exactly what is happening next month in London at the Avocado Brunch Club—a pop-up serving all avo, all the time.

Avocado Brunch Club is the creation of Meredith O’Shaughnessy, who (along with large brands like Whirlpool and Lamborghini), has devoted some of her past pop-ups to things like washing machines and sports cars. But at the ABC, the only catchy hook is the ingredient list.

In defense of the high price tag, it’s not like the pop-up will just be serving five different versions of avocado smeared on bread. The menu is expanding on the avocado toast craze of the last couple years with dishes like avocado, crab and coconut risotto, harissa spiced chicken with avocado raita, two different avocado desserts and an avocado margarita. Still, the ABC seems designed for a ‘gram happy audience rather than those on the hunt for interesting food. But if you’re the type who really does believe avocados belong in everything and happen to be in London in early April, you should stop by. Tickets are still available, although given the cult status of the avocado, they probably won’t be for long.