The creator of the Everybody Loves Raymond, Philip Rosenthal, is back in action, exploring the culinary identity of six cities. 

Somebody Feed Phil
Credit: Netflix

Phil Rosenthal, that hapless, goofy, and seemingly surprised about everything—even that there’s a woman selling and making her own gelato! In Venice!—television writer turned world traveler, is back today with the second installment of his show Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix.

The whole world is still full of wonder for Phil. At one point, he comments, while watching a pork chop being fried, “I’m so excited,” his eyes wide and big as tennis balls. This phrase—“I’m so excited”—seems to sum up Phil’s entire attitude towards life. He offers a hug and a smile to every single person he meets, especially those who feed him, and it’s that kind of openness and curiosity, not just about food, but about people, that makes this show work. Perhaps it's this generosity of spirit that ensures Phil eats well, and eats a lot. Here is my (almost) comprehensive list of pretty much every single thing he eats this season.

Episode 1, Venice

Phil is as struck by the beauty of Venice as he is by its food.

Episode 2, Dublin

Phil embarks on a quest to dispel the myth that the Irish can't cook good food.

Episode 3, Buenos Aires

Phil explores the Jewish, Italian, and Cajun sides of this Argentinian city.

Episode 4, Copenhagen

Phil explores how the chef-alums of Noma are shaping Danish cuisine.

Episode 5, Cape Town

An even more gregarious than usual Phil makes friends in unlikely places.

Episode 6, New York

Phil revisits the city where he spent the first half of his life, and meets up with celebrity chefs Nancy Silverton and Massimo Botura.