By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 07, 2016
© Lucy Schaeffer

Back in the days before the internet, people used to go out of their way to copy down their favorite recipes or clip pages out of magazines and then safely store all of these little paper scraps in a recipe box. That practice has become a bit archaic now, what with the web containing every recipe you could ever want within a few keystrokes. But just in case the apocalypse does go down, at least one man out there will never be without his favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe – though getting the ingredients in a post-apocalyptic world might be tricky.

Yesterday, a Reddit user by the name of Rudecarp posted a photo of a chocolate chip cookie recipe that an acquaintance had tattooed on his leg. According to the Redditor, the rather unique tattoo was spotted on a guy who “calls himself Mango” that he “met at a breast cancer walk.” Though recipe tattoos are not unheard of – for instance, one for tomato sauce – this particular instance was the only chocolate chip cookie recipe tattoo I could find on the internet. Though maybe the kind of people who need to tattoo things on their body to remember them aren’t particularly computer savvy.

Not content with simply taking a pic of the tat, Rudecarp also claims he went ahead and gave them a try, posting a photo of the results, which he described as “very delicious.” Interestingly, in the Reddit thread, some debate emerged over whether or not the tattoo was simply the Nestle Toll House recipe, and, indeed, they appear to be quite similar. If Mango ever finds out, I sense he might be having a conversation along the lines of “Seriously, Grandma? Nestle Toll House?? I had your recipe tattooed to my leg! My entire life is a lie!”