The fruit company says it will move the moon in front of the sun to create a banana in the sky on August 21st.

chiquita bananas
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

If you haven’t already heard, an extremely rare, once in a lifetime, soul-altering total solar eclipse will travel across the United States on August 21st. The event only occurs four times within a 200-year period. For those beneath the "path of totality," the daytime sky will turn dark and the sun will be completely obscured for a few minutes. To everyone else, the moon will cause the sun to appear in the shape of a large, wait for it…banana.

And, in their new advertisement, Chiquita takes all the credit for the historic moment. The video opens, “On August 21st, Chiquita will physically move the moon in front of the sun to create an enormous, fiery, yellow banana in the sky.”

According to Chiquita, those who have planned for months, and in some cases years—case in point, towns of mere thousands like Madras, Oregon are expecting hundreds of thousands, and haven’t had hotel vacancies on that day in over a year—to witness the total eclipse are really the ones getting the short end of the stick. The giant banana tells us, in a British accent, “unlike the boring total eclipse, Chiquita will make the banana sun visible to everyone in North America.”

And they are not wrong. After watching this ad, when the eclipse finally arrives, we’re not sure we’ll be able to think about anything but the British banana. Well done, publicity team! Plus, as the ad states, most of us in North America won’t see the total eclipse in person, and this offers us a little bit of comfort in the midst of all the FOMO.

So if you're planning an eclipse-watching party of your own, we're sure the banana brand would probably love it if you made a banana cake or some banana pudding, or even just started your eclipse-filled day with a healthy banana breakfast.