"Sparkling Gold" lets you create a bottle of bubbly at home.
sparkling gold sodastream
Credit: Courtesy of SodaStream

With beautiful hillsides full of grapevines rising up from the banks of the Rhine, Germany’s wine country is as scenic as its wines are delicious. With hundreds of years of winemaking history in the region, locals certainly take their Rieslings seriously. But despite the prevalence of the varietal in the region, should you happen to find yourself without any access to the fruit-forward white wine or a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the holidays this season, an unlikely company has you covered: SodaStream.

The maker of at-home carbonation kits, popular with folks looking to customize their own soda flavors or save a few dollars on seltzer, has released a “fine alcoholic concentrate” in Germany called “Sparkling Gold” which is an additive customers can mix into their beverages and offers a flavor “resembling the taste of a fruity Riesling wine.” The mini bottle is available now (in Germany only) on the SodaStream site. According to a statement from the brand, an in-house survey found seventy-six percent of people enjoyed the taste of Sparkling Gold more than Moet & Chardon and Verve Clicquot.

A portion of the 200 ml of concentrate is poured into the glass (or flute, if you desire) and then chilled sparkling water is added to top it off. Each bottle of Sparkling Gold syrup makes twelve glasses of the beverage and boasts 10 percent ABV.

Aside from Internet hacks to carbonate booze, it’s not the first time SodaStream has gone into the alcoholic beverage market. Back in 2015, the brand launched the SodaStream Mix which had a digital interface and mobile app connectivity that showed you which ingredients you'd need to put together to create fizzy cocktails. Of course, if that's too complicated, pair it with this robotic bartender, and you've got the push-button cocktail-making future we were promised!