Snoop Dogg Will Release His Own Wine This Summer Courtesy of 19 Crimes

The song of the summer is TBD, but Snoop's got the wine of the summer on lock.

Snoop Dogg may have begun his public life as a multiplatinum rapper, but as he flies towards the age of 50 next year, the Long Beach native has become so much more, co-hosting a show with Martha Stewart, teaming up with Dunkin' on a breakfast sandwich, and even releasing a line of scented candles. Now, the "Gin & Juice" vocalist (who set a world record in that department) is embarking on another big partnership: Snoop wine.

Yesterday, the Napa-based brand 19 Crimes—part of Australia's Treasury Wine Estates (TWE)—announced a multi-year partnership with the multi-talented celebrity. The deal is set to kick off this summer with their debut release, Snoop Cali Red. Billed as the brand's first California wine, the red blend features 65-percent Petite Syrah, 30- percent Zinfandel, and 5-percent Merlot, and is reportedly slated to sell for $12 per bottle.

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"Snoop Dogg, an entertainment and California icon, is the perfect partner for 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red," John Wardley, TWE marketing vice president of the Americas, said of the "Murder Was the Case" rapper in the announcement. "Snoop embodies the spirit of 19 Crimes—rule breaking, culture creating and overcoming adversity. We are truly excited to partner with Snoop and welcome him to the 19 Crimes family."

As for Snoop himself, he stated, "I've been a fan of this wine and I'm excited to unveil my 'Snoop Cali Red' this summer and share the experience with all my fans. It's one of the most successful brands in the market, so I'm more than eager to bring this collaboration to the world!"

19 Crimes says it believes Snoop's new line will "cast a contemporary lens on 19 Crimes"—something that shouldn't be hard to do for a brand that was only established in 2012. And it's far from the brand's first stab at modernity: 19 Crimes has been an early adopter of "augment reality" labels where the character in the bottle's artwork talks to consumers through the Living Wine Labels app. The brand didn't mention whether these AR labels would be used on Snoop Cali Red, but clearly, the potential for something exciting exists (rapping wine labels!)—whether they use it this time around or not.

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