Ted Allen and Alex Guarnaschelli gave the ‘Chopped’ parody their seal of approval.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 13, 2019
Credit: Megan Krause/NBC

It’s not uncommon for Saturday Night Live to tackle food and beverage topics — either directly or indirectly — but over the weekend, SNL gave Food Network fans some comedy they could really sink their teeth into: a straight-up parody of the competitive cooking show Chopped. And adding to the food frenzy, they also shot a fake commercial for the British tea brand Twinings that was cut for time.

But let’s start with what actually made it to air: Chopped. Incredibly, the Food Network show where contestants are given “mystery baskets” that include at least one bizarre ingredient is currently on its 41st season, having aired over 500 episodes in all. I used to watch Chopped regularly, though I eventually stopped because, frankly, after several hundred episodes, things can get a bit formulaic. That said, the show’s formulaic nature is what makes the SNL satire so solid: The team behind this sketch has clearly seen the show plenty of times and nails all of its signature beats and tone while continually upping the absurdity ante. And they get an ice cream machine joke in there too — which is a must for any good Chopped parody.

Regular Chopped judge Chef Alex Guarnaschelli (who was played by Aidy Bryant) and host Ted Allen (played by Beck Bennett) both tweeted out their support for the skit afterwards with Guarnaschelli saying it “made my year” and Allen thanking Bennett for “so accurately capturing my onscreen animal magnetism.”

In other food-related sketches, the series also took a shot at the now-infamous Game of Thrones blunder which saw a modern coffee cup appear on the medievalesque fantasy series but pointing out other major continuity errors from other famous movies and TV shows:

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live doesn’t officially air across the pond, but Brits may want to check out the show’s YouTube channel to catch a very English sketch that was cut for time on the live broadcast anyway. The commercial parody “Twinings Xtreme” explains that “an English athlete needs an English sports drink” — and if you can’t see where this joke is going, you may not be aware of how attached people in the U.K. are to their cuppa.

For those wondering why an American show decided to tackle British humor: Saturday’s host was the London-born actress Dame Emma Thompson. Clearly, some tea jokes were the only way to make her feel at home.