Snickers Releases Three New Bars

They're designed to battle hanger in many of its forms.

If hunger makes you irritable, wimpy, or indecisive and you believe the ad campaign, Snickers' three new limited edition flavors just may be the candy bar for you. The company has been replacing Snickers bar names with hunger symptoms like "Hangry" and "Scatterbrain" for several years, but now it's taking things one step further by changing the actual contents of the bar.

The three new flavors will be known as "Irritable," "Wimpy," and "Indecisive," with "flavor-infused nougat" that Snickers says will "directly solve" each symptom. "Irritable," boasts espresso flavor, with a wrapper marked by, naturally, an espresso bean. The "Wimpy" Snickers bar is "fiery"—the heat comes from the hot pepper that adorns it's packaging. And, perhaps the most relatable symptom of all, "Indecisive" is both salty and sweet, symbolized by what looks like a salted nougat.

"Our new flavors paired with hunger symptoms provide an extended dimension to show how Snickers ultimately satisfies when hunger strikes" said Snickers Senior Brand Manager Michael Italia in a statement. The brand has been pushing itself as a cure for many other hunger symptoms since the "Hunger Bar" promotion began in 2014 as well, including "Confused," "Cranky," "Princess," "Sleepy," "Befuddled," "Bored," "Comical," "Crabby," "Cray Cray," "Edgy," "Ferocious," "Hot Mess," "Klutz," 'Know-It-All," "Knucklehead," "Oddball," "Pouty," 'Rowdy," "Sawft," "Sarcastic," "Snarky," "Space Cadet," "Spunky," "Stubborn," and "Troublemaker."

Generally, Snickers has stuck to the classic bar's milk chocolate-covered peanut and caramel as a "remedy" for all of these specific symptoms, though nearly a decade ago, it did try to battle "Sleepy" head on. The caffeinated Snickers Charged Food & Wine tried back then proved particularly intense. We don't know the caffeine content of the current espresso-infused "Irritable" bar and it may be more about flavor than about an actual kick from the espresso. Though, if you're already irritable, that may be for the best.

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