A condiment you can wear on your feet. 

Cream cheese sneakers
Credit: rimglow/Getty Images

Imagine having cream cheese on your feet. Okay, that actually sounds pretty gross. Don’t imagine that. Let’s try this again: Imagine the color of cream cheese, that off-white, almost yellowish or eggshell white hue that graces our bagels and our cheesecakes in dense, creamy swirls. Sounds delicious right? Well, a sneaker brand called Clae took inspiration from the color of cream cheese, specifically, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, to create a new version of its signature Bradley sneaker.

Clae teamed up with Philadelphia-based boutique P’s and Q’s to create the shoe for its five-year anniversary. The color scheme of the sneakers was “playfully inspired by the Philadelphia Cream Cheese logo,” according to a statement from the company. The heal of the shoe is royal blue neoprene, while the rest is made from cream-colored leather and finished with a white sole. You can basically wear your favorite condiment in your feet, in the form of a stylish pair of sneakers.

Want to show off even more of your love of food on your feet? These Vans are printed with slices of pizza and burgers. The sneaker brand also has a version that’s covered in the White Castle logo, and Nike has collaborated with both Whataburger and David Chang of Momofuku fame on a line of sneakers. In fact, there’s no shortage of shoes, from flats to slip-ons to tennis shoes, that are printed with food, if you want to express your love of eating through fashion. You could potentially turn your whole closet into an ode to your favorite foods. A good place to start? The clothing lines that both McDonald’s and Taco Bell (which was designed in collaboration with Forever21) recently released.

However, if you want to be even more literal with your combined love of food and stylish kicks, you’ll probably love these beautifully constructed sneakers made entirely from sushi.