We tried the new feature out for ourselves.
Snapchat filters for food
Credit: Carl Court/Getty Images

Snapchat has rolled out several new features ahead of the social media app’s upcoming redesign: It now recognizes objects (not just faces) like food, as well as pets and destinations like beaches. That doesn’t mean you can use the traditional face filters on say, an apple or an orange, but if you snap a picture of your meal, Snapchat offers filters with phrases like “get in my belly,” “bon appetit,” and “what diet?”

According to The Verge, Snap (the company behind the app) hasn’t yet provided an exhaustive list of which objects (or foods) will trigger the new filters, so it might not work for every meal that you photograph. For instance, when I took a picture of two bottles of wine, Snapchat didn’t offer me any new filters. Only when I artfully arranged a few pieces of fruit did the “bon appetit” filter appear in the carousel.

snapchat food filter
Credit: Elisabeth Sherman

The new feature may not be quite as exciting as the facial recognition filters that you can add to your face—wouldn’t it be adorable to add a pair of bunny ears to a banana or a burger?—but it might signal that Snapchat is trying to compete with Instagram, which now offers its own set of facial filters and similar phrases which you can overlay on top of your pictures.

The update might also be part of a push to make Snapchat easier (or more fun) to use, as the Evening Standard reports.

“One thing that we have heard over the years is that Snapchat is difficult to understand or hard to use,” Evan Speigel, the CEO of Snap said in a statement. “As a result, we are currently redesigning our application to make it easier to use.”

Until Snapchat unveils its new look, we’ll just have to be satisfied with taking a picture of your dog adorned with multicolored bones.