By Carey Jones
Updated January 13, 2016
The Bruno Sandwich
Credit: © Jody Bailey Newman

Whether it’s potato chips, fried plantains, or French fries, we’re all about adding more carbs to sandwiches — which is why we’re in awe of “The Bruno” at B&D Ice House in San Antonio. Chef Jason Dady piles his smoked burnt ends on a bun with slaw and mac ’n cheese, for a certifiably crazy pile of barbecue deliciousness.

“We had done a special called ‘Cheesy Chop,’ with half chopped beef and half mac n cheese,” says chef Dady, “and I personally love slaw on a BBQ sandwich. “We made a nice little menage a trois of the three, and called it The Bruno after the original owner of the Ice House.”

The bread: A classic “Mrs Baird’s” Texas sandwich bun.

The filling: Start with burnt ends, chopped and simmered in the house sweet Texas BBQ sauce. Top with slaw and macaroni & cheese. Pour on the “Shiner Sauce”: Shiner black beer, espresso, spices, and molasses. (“Thick, hearty, strong, and spicy, to cut the richness.”) Recommended accompaniment: Napkins. Many, many napkins.