Just beware of the potential YouTube wormhole these videos can take you down.
Credit: Blade_kostas / greenleaf123 / Getty Images

As great of a holiday as Halloween is, it’s also one of the most nonsensical. Carving faces into pumpkins and dressing up in costumes to go “trick-or-treating”—essentially threatening neighbors to get an annual sugar fix? Sure other holidays have bizarre rituals too—the Easter Bunny or overzealous fireworks displays—but at least those traditions have pretty clear cultural underpinnings: The reasons behind Halloween are almost as mysterious as the ghouls we dress up as. With that in mind, who’s really to say what a “good” Halloween tradition is compared to a “bad” one? It’s mainly just whatever happens to capture the zeitgeist come October. So let’s not overlook one of the harvest season’s most excessive activities: smashing cars by dropping a giant pumpkin on them.

One of the most recent events to carry on the tradition of destroying an automobile with a giant pumpkin happened this past Saturday in Alpine Township, Michigan when the good people of Ed Dunneback & Girls Fruit Farm dropped a 1,300-pound pumpkin on a “beater car,” according to MLive. Thankfully, the news site had their camera ready so you can relive the glorious destruction over and over again.

But for YouTube addicts in need of a pumpkins-crushing-cars fix the way a six-year-old tears through a pack of Skittles, you don’t need to search very hard to find plenty of other videos showing off these destructive crowd pleasers. A couple of weeks ago, the Staheli Family Farm in Washington, Utah, partook in pumpkin drops of all kinds: Not just the grand finale of crushing a car, but also crushing things like a refrigerator and a hot tub. Heck, for good measure, they even just lifted up the car and dropped that too.

Here’s a pumpkin crushing a car last month in Worland, Wyoming…

And here’s another car being crushed by a pumpkin in Michigan… this time Frankfort. Just be prepared to wait nearly six minutes only for the cameraperson to pretty much miss the big final impact…

In fact, you can find videos of cars being crushed by pumpkins that are almost as old as YouTube itself. Here’s one dated October 10, 2006. That’s almost as old as the Evolution of Dance guy!

Overall, crushing cars with giant pumpkins has been going on for at least as far back as internet videos—basically all the time that matters in the history of humanity—so yes, even though crushing a car with a pumpkin might seem like a waste of both a good pumpkin and a not-so-good car, there’s no denying it’s here to stay. And unlike your Halloween costume of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways, it will still be relevant next year.