By Joey Skladany
Updated October 03, 2016
Butter Phones
Credit: © elelegante101 /

We're pretty sure Paula Deen has started using Imgur. There is no other explanation for why people's cell phones suddenly turned into butter late last week.

Through the magic of Photoshop, Imgur user elelegante101 replace our handhelds in a variety of stock images with sticks and of tubs of the spreadable dairy product.

The series is both a hilarious and sad reminder that a) we have the power to manipulate basically anything we find on the web b) we treat our electronics and fattening foods with the same care and admiration as our children. In fact, we may even like the former a little bit better. (Just look at the joy on that woman's face.)

Check out a few of our favorites below. For the complete collection, click here.