Some of the biggest appliance innovations are in dishwashers, with green cleaners, time savers and models for tight spaces.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated March 31, 2015

Steam Option LG’s new dishwasher steam-cleans to save energy and protect delicate china and crystal. It can run just one rack to conserve water and electricity ($1,500; 888-865-3026 or

Space Saver The new compact dishwasher from Smeg can be installed anywhere there’s a water line, even under a cooktop, and holds up to 12 place settings ($1,600; 866-736-7634 or

Energy Saver Bosch’s latest Integra and Evolution models adjust water temperature and cycle time to load size, cutting energy use by up to 25 percent (from $600; 800-944-2904 or

Speed clean Miele adapted a commercial-grade dishwasher for home use: A cycle takes only 15 minutes—eight if cycles run back-to-back, since the water is already hot ($5,000; 800-843-7231 or

Dishwasher + Storage Combo This dishwasher unit from Fagor includes three storage drawers—for dishes, flatware and pots—so there’s always a handy place to put away clean items ($1,700; 800-207-0806 or