The new device is called Smalt.

Credit: Courtesy of SMALT

Salt is one of the most basic kitchen essentials. It’s a cooking and baking necessity. It enhances the flavor of almost anything. There are probably very few kitchens in America that aren’t stocked with the seasoning. It's such a simple ingredient that you probably weren't aware that it needed a makeover. That's where Smalt comes in.

Most people probably keep their salt supply in boring plastic or glass shakers that don’t do any tricks. But if you’re ready to upgrade your seasoning experience, then you should know about Smalt, the Bluetooth-enabled saltshaker. The smart device is the first of it’s kind to market and will transform an ordinary kitchen tools that people have been using for centuries into an experience for the senses,” apparently.


How much could a tiny saltshaker possibly improve your kitchen? Well, if you pair it from with your phone, it will stream music, for one thing. And if you ever wished your kitchen looked more like a rave while you’re cooking or hosting a dinner party, Smalt has you covered on that front, too: It comes with mood lighting that changes colors.

Smalt also vaguely promises to interact with your dinner guests when they use it for it’s intended purpose, though what that interaction would be isn't quite clear (hopefully by telling jokes during lulls in the conversation but that’s probably too much ask).

You may have some questions at this point. For instance, why not just use your smartphone to play music through your television, computer or speakers, which you already own and cost you a lot of money? Good point. Perhaps part of the appeal of this little device is its novelty. Everyone will be playing music from their computer! But you can be the person remembered for throwing a party in which the music faintly played from a saltshaker.

If you were also curious about how much Smalt costs, no word on that or the release date yet, but if you sign up for their newsletter now you save up 50% off of whatever the price ends up being.

Smalt claims to be a “conversation starter,” and that much is probably true about this much-hyped product: People are sure to have plenty to say once you reveal that you keep your salt in a container that can basically double as a disco ball.