Over Half of Americans Would Rather Eat Cold Pizza for Breakfast, Says Survey

The poll also looked into how people feel about two controversial pizza toppings (yes, pineapple is one of them).

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There’s a reason most pizzerias offer a half-and-half option for toppings: Though pretty much everyone agrees that pizza is awesome, people can never seem to agree on their perfect pie. With this in mind, the pizza-specific ordering platform Slice polled its users on their pizza preferences in the hopes of better understanding the diversity within Americans’ pizza obsession. The results cover a range of topics, but in the end, they are all revealing.

Starting with toppings, Slice honed in on possibly the two most controversial options out there: pineapple and anchovies. With over 9,000 responses, pineapple was rejected by most people: 54 percent of those polled said the fruit shouldn’t even be considered a topping at all. That said, if you do like pineapple on pizza, you may be from one of these ten states, which Slice said are the ten most common (in this order) to order the Hawaiian pie addition: Oregon, Maine, California, Nevada, Hawaii, Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado, Arizona, and Minnesota.

Meanwhile, with anchovies, the salty fish has an East Coast bias. Six of the top ten anchovy ordering states are on the right coast, with Delaware apparently leading the charge: 63 percent of Delawareans said they were pro-fish. Kansas, on the other hand, hates anchovies, with only 1 percent of respondents in the state saying they’d opt for the salty option.

And, notably, 56 percent of respondents preferred their pepperoni to be "curly" — notable not because pepperoni is a controversial topping, but because 44 percent of people apparently don't know good pepperoni!

Crust-wise, wood- or coal-fired Neapolitan crusts were the big winner, beating out New York-style crust cooked in a gas oven. And speaking of NYC, Slice also asked people which of the five boroughs is the best for pies, and Manhattan shockingly took the top spot, easily besting Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx, in that order.

But if there was one pizza preference that plenty of people seemed in sync on, it’s that people are willing to eat pizza any time of day. A majority of those polled — 53 percent — said they preferred a cold slice of pizza at breakfast to their usual options like eggs and orange juice. Granted 53 percent isn’t a huge majority, but think of it this way: If you owned a diner and 53 percent of people said they’d rather eat leftover pizza than eat at your breakfast, you’d probably rethink the quality of your food.

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