Credit: emmymadeinjapan/YouTube

You’ve probably heard of pigs in a blanket and hush puppies, but if you’re quiet enough you just might find yourself a sleeping “pup in a blanket.” The biscuit-wrapped frankfurters are given an adorable upgrade to look like tiny, napping puppies. To rephrase an old adage, let sleeping dogs lie… on your plate.

YouTuber emmymadeinjapan has started a series of cute food demos, and her first is certainly worthy of that adjective. Inspired by the colorful characters found in bento boxes, she walks you through the oh-so-simple instructions for using regular old hot dogs and regular old canned dough to make something wonderfully whimsical. Of course, if your food looks this kawaii why would you want to eat it? Excuse me, I’ll be snuggling with my lunch.