The rest of us will just get to see his reaction.
Skittles Super Bowl Ad
Credit: Courtesy of Skittles

Super Bowl ads are super expensive. Skittles knows that firsthand. The candy brand has run a Super Bowl ad for the past three years. Oh, and it’s also the official candy of the NFL. Though all of those things are good for publicity, the cost also adds up. So this year, Skittles has decided to turn the idea of a Super Bowl ad on its head – and likely save some serious dough in the process.

Instead of putting an ad on national TV for millions of people to see, the brand plans to show its “Super Bowl ad” to just one person: a Los Angeles teenager named Marcos Menendez. The rest of us will only be able to see his reaction to it – which will be streamed live on Facebook during the game.

According to AdAge, the single-viewer ad will still be Super Bowl-worthy and feature a special celebrity guest. (Marshawn Lynch maybe?) “We think of this as a Super Bowl ad, it's just only being shown to one person,” Matt Montei, marketing VP, fruit confections, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, was quoted as saying. "We've been a big part of the Super Bowl and continue to be a big part of the NFL…. We really felt like we wanted to continue to reinvent ourselves around this timeframe and one way to do it is to just try a completely new way in.”

Motei said that the 17-year-old Marco Menendez is, indeed, an actual Skittles fan. (If they wanted an actor, why would they go to Los Angeles? Actually, scratch that.) And though his reaction will be streamed live on Facebook during the game, Skittles also plans to release a kind of recap video sometime afterwards – though the actual ad will still never be shown. In the meantime, the candy brand plans to release four teasers promoting the stunt leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

“Sometimes what you cannot see is more interesting than what you can see” goes a line in one already released teaser for the stunt. It’s an idea Skittles hopes to take all the way to the bank. Or at least one that will save them bank.