We get it. We really do.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Imagine a world without Skippy Peanut Butter. You can't, right?

But that's the terrifying, apocalyptic reality into which many Canadians awoke this morning. And yesterday morning. And the morning before that. Actually, Skippy has been discontinued for some time now–months, even—but it was only recently that the stuff began noticeably disappearing from supermarket shelves as remaining supplies finally dwindled.


As reported by the CBC, U.S.-based Hormel Foods' decision to stop selling their beloved nut butter brand to our neighbors up north had to do with a decrease in profitability possibly due to things like the added costs of required French labels and new brand competitors. Additionally, Canada is an enormous country with a relatively small population, making distribution costs incredibly high.

"It was an incredibly difficult decision to withdraw Skippy peanut butter from the Canadian market," spokesperson Brian Olson told CBC News. On Twitter, meanwhile, the brand has been frantically responding to distraught fans as kindly as they can: "We're sad to say SKIPPY® was discontinued in Canada b/c there weren't enough devoted lovers like you out there," they wrote to several disgruntled customers. "Thanks for being a fan!"

Now, Canadian PB-lovers have begun to feel the sting of rejection, and rightly so. After all, you can buy Skippy Peanut Butter in over 60 countries. Why Canada? Why now?

"It's been our favourite peanut butter of choice," Larry May of Bowmanville, Ontario told the news outlet. He and his wife, Lori, have eaten Skippy for the entirety of their 26-year marriage. "The kids were raised on it."

Jim Hazzard in Alliston, Ontario, meanwhile, was a bit more blunt. "I'm really mad at Skippy. I'm very careful how much I use," he said, referring to his final two jars.

Our deepest condolences, Canadian friends. Here's hoping Smucker's and Welch's don't follow suit.