From neon green ice cream to the return of a classic, these snacks are Mickey Mouse-approved. 

disney world food
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland

When it comes to thinking up indulgent, decadent treats, nobody compares to the folks at Disney parks, who seem to constantly be inventing increasingly delicious looking desserts and snacks. Most of them seem designed specifically to make the perfect Instagram post (all those bright colors and ice cream swirls!) but they all look super tasty, too. Newly opened Toy Story Land has its very own menu, there’s an entire treasure map dedicated to churros at Disneyland, and, of course, there are all those glamorous rose gold treats that are almost too pretty to eat. Plus, the new soft serve flavor at Pixar Pier is basically the new Dole Whip. Here are five more of the newest treats to arrive at Disney parks this summer, and where to find them (and take pictures).

Peter Pan Float

Find this bright green concoction at the Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Treats stand. It’s made with creamy key lime ice cream and a Sprite pour over and topped with a chocolate feather—a nod to Pan’s signature hat.

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

This gooey, cheesy twist on the classic spring roll appeared at Disney Adventureland a few years ago, but disappeared without a trace a little while later. Now they’re back (for the time being at least), and can be found at the Adventureland Egg Roll Cart.

The Incredibles Sundae

It’s not just the soft serve that you’ll want to slurp up at Disneyland’s Pixar Pier. Introduced earlier this summer, there’s now also an Incredibles-themed sundae. It’s topped with Ghirardelli hot fudge and pineapple sauce swirled with strawberry puree (to get the Incredibles' signature yellow and red color scheme, of course).

S’mores Breakfast Sandwich and Lunch Box Tarts

If you love to eat, Toy Story Land’s signature restaurant, Woody’s Lunch Box features two treats worth waiting in line for: Lunch Box Tarts (which come in chocolate hazelnut and raspberry flavors) and the S’Mores Breakfast Sandwich, which is only for people with a serious sweet tooth: It’s made with marshmallow and chocolate ganache, sandwiched between two slices of graham cracker-encrusted brioche. Probably best to save this one for dessert.

Mexican Street Corn

Disney’s California Adventure is having its own love affair with Pixar movies during Pixar Fest, which runs until September 3. Cozy Cone Motel is one of the featured food vendors, where you’ll find this fresh-looking cup of Mexican-inspired street corn called the Champions Corn Cup. Might be a nice break from all that ice cream.