By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 07, 2016
Credit: © Marc Romanelli/Getty Images

As a freelance writer, I love working from home. Going to a coffee shop frightens me. I hate getting dressed; I hate the great outdoors (aka, the sidewalk); and I especially hate the noise. I can’t tune out that 20-something’s conversation with her mom about the benefits of going abroad for a year; I can’t tune out that Starbucks is playing Christmas music during the first week of November; I can’t tune out that other people are enjoying themselves and I’m writing a piece about coffee shop sounds!

But for the more social among us, the silence of working at home is deafening. And for those bizarre people, there’s “Hipster Sound” – a website that allows you to stream the sounds of “productivity” no matter where you are – described as an “ambient noise generator to stay productive at home.”

Hipster Sounds default background din is that of a “Busy Café,” but since hipsters don’t come in one shape and size (other than always wearing thick-rimmed glasses), the site offers two other cool alternatives: Cafes de Paris and Quiet Resto. From there, each ambient location noise allows its own customizations. Want a little something extra in your hipster paradise? Add the sounds of a rainy terrace. Want to turn that Parisian café into a piano bar? There’s a button to click for that.

The options are practically endless, which makes for a great time suck before, you know, you get “productive at home.”

[h/t Gizmodo]