Growing up in the Midwest, Corbin Evans didn't even know shrimp had heads until he was 16. As co-owner and chef of the new Lulu's in the Garden in New Orleans, Evans buys only wild, heads-on Gulf Coast shrimp from local farmers' markets to make dishes like the delicious, healthy, eclectic ones here.


Going Wild

Although most shrimp sold in the U.S. comes from farms overseas, you can buy fresh, wild American shrimp at some farmers' markets along the Gulf Coast from April through January. These shrimp tend to be especially firm and tasty, and, unlike farmed varieties, they're antibiotic-free. You can also buy frozen wild shrimp at supermarkets. Look for the new Wild American Shrimp certification label.
—Ratha Tep

Health News

Shrimp are loaded with lean protein: One serving (about three ounces) supplies a third of the recommended daily intake, and, miraculously, only 84 calories, with less than one-third the saturated fat of chicken breast. But watch how much you eat: One serving contains more than half the amount of cholesterol you should have in a day.