By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 15, 2016
© / Getty Images

Mike Shotton makes a valid point. While movie theaters constantly ask you to be quiet and silence your cellphones, they turn a blind eye when it comes to the entire theater loudly chomping down on noisy popcorn.

That’s why the Brit started a new petition called “Ban the sale of popcorn in UK cinemas.” In it, he pleads his case. “Many of you know the pain of visiting the cinema, and having your enjoyment ruined by noise pollution,” he writes. “I call on you now to stand with me, and tell cinema chains, the government and the world at large, that no longer are we prepared to let open mouthed grazers ruin our film viewing.” Later, he describes popcorn as “the least appropriate snack for an environment that requires silence” being that it’s “the loudest food known to man.” Sorry, potato chips. Shotton just doesn’t seem to think much of you.

Of course, theater owners have a horse in this race: Popcorn and other concessions are big business. If they got paid every time someone loudly answered an incoming call, I’m sure we’d see the “Turn off your phones” message replaced with a new slogan: “The movies—a place to argue with your mom.”

Luckily for them, though, despite growing press coverage, Shotton’s demand isn’t gaining much traction, receiving a mere 170 signatures as of writing. That’s more of an art house than a summer blockbuster.

Still, that’s not deterring him. “I’m also planning to campaign outside cinemas and give people leaflets explaining the petition and trying to encourage them not to buy popcorn when they go into the cinema,” he told SWNS.

Turns out the only thing louder than popcorn might be the voice of Mike Shotton.