The actress is an accomplished cook and an avid traveler, too.
Shay Mitchell interview
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images

Shay Mitchell, who you're probably familiar with from the recently-ended Freeform series Pretty Little Liars, has a thriving food presence on YouTube. She bakes her own pizza, goes shopping at Whole Foods (where she always buys flowers) with a GoPro attached to her cart, and tours locations from Hawaii to Atlanta, sampling the local cuisine. This is clearly a woman who loves to eat. Intrigued by Mitchell’s burgeoning status as a bonafide foodie, Food & Wine spoke with her over the phone to discuss her current food obsessions.

Right now, Mitchell is cooking what she calls “everything but the kitchen sink,” a stir fry dish she makes with quinoa pasta or rice noodles, adding in everything she can find in her refrigerator. She wasn’t always so confident in the kitchen, though.

“Honestly, I think I was always so hesitant to start cooking,” the actress explains. “That’s why I wanted to do my segment. I wanted to just try. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Mitchell often stops by her local farmers market to pick up seasonal ingredients for her kitchen—she recommends frequenting your own local market so you get familiar with the layout and can take full advantage of its offerings—and one of her favorite items right now is purple broccoli, a vegetable she aptly describes as “beautiful.” At Whole Foods—which, by the way, just lowered its prices—she’s always sure to stock up on coconut oil.

When she travels, Mitchell—who recently partnered with American Express & Delta Air Lines and hosted the Taste of Travel with #DeltaAmexBlue—likes to do as much research about her destination as possible before she arrives. Her goal when traveling? To “live like a local."

“When I travel I like to immerse myself in the culture,” she explains. Two of her favorite meals on her latest adventures were certainly regional delicacies. “When I had grasshoppers in the Thailand, that was interesting,” she says. “And elk when I was in Montana.”

Fans of Mitchell already know that her true food passion is pizza. Although it was hard to pick, she says her favorite slices probably come from Paulie Gee's or Roberta’s, both of which are located in Brooklyn.

Want to become just as adventurous with your palate as Mitchell? The Canadian actress recommends trying one of her home country’s best-loved delicacies, ketchup chips, as soon as possible.

Up next, Mitchell stars in the Lifetime series You, which premieres next year, but she'll probably be eating even more delicious food on her YouTube channel in the meantime.