100 pull-ups, 200 sit-ups in fewer than five minutes, an “Assault Bike”—these are the things we do for delicious green milkshakes.

By Alex Vallis
Updated May 24, 2017
Reebok Shamrock Shake-Off Workout
Credit: © Reebok / Michael Quiet

You may remember the Reebok wine workout video we posted recently on Food & Wine's Facebook, in which bottles are used as weights to remind you that every arm raise makes the future taste of alcohol that much sweeter. Well, the wonderful sadists over at Reebok CrossFit ONE have just unveiled a new routine, and this one aims to offset the impressive 820 calories in a McDonald's Shamrock Shake. If you’d like to recreate it, we’ve listed the punishing routine below. If you’d rather split your Shake into 365 servings and freeze for single-bite, zero-pull-up enjoyment for the rest of the year, we won’t blame you. Or find a happy balance: drink it and watch videos of people doing these workouts.

Reebok Shamrock Shake-Off Workout:
1-mile run in fewer than 10 minutes
100 Burpees in fewer than 10 minutes
250 DU's (a.ka. "Double Unders," which looks like a jump rope) in fewer than 5 minutes
75 Push-Ups in fewer than 3 minutes
2k Row in fewer than 10 minutes
200 Sit-Ups in fewer than 5 minutes
50 Calories on a Ski-Erg (like a Nordic Ski thing)
100 Pull-Ups
50 Calories on an Assault AirBike (which makes you move your arms at the same time)