The burger chain continues its expansion streak. 
shake shack new location
Credit: Courtesy of Spencer Pernikoff

Shake Shack is on a path to world domination: In the not-so-distant past, the burger chain was confined to one location in New York City. Ten years later, you can grab a ShackBurger in Kentucky, Turkey and even Kuwait. Next on the ever-growing list of locations? The Bay Area. Watch out In-N-Out: there’s a new burger in town.

Shake Shack announced that its first location in the Bay Area will be in Palo Alto, at the Stanford Shopping Center. But don’t go looking for it just yet: it's likely to open in the fall of 2018.

And that's not the only good news coming from the burger chain lately: It recently added those “transcendent” chili cheese fries to the menu, a chicken sandwich arrived in the summer of last year and St. Louis—Danny Meyer’s home town—got its very own location last month.

In-N-Out, meanwhile, which for most of its history has remained confined to California and several states in the southwestern United States, including Arizona and Nevada, is also making moves to expand. In December of 2017, the chain announced that it would be opening locations in Colorado. Will In-N-Out ever make it as far East as New York City? Not for the time being. (Not that we wouldn’t be interested in our very own In-N-Out: Back in October, a Facebook listing for a fake In-N-Out pop up in New York garnered so much attention that a spokesperson for the company had to personally shoot down the rumors.)

Thankfully, Shake Shack has never failed to let us down, and now even more Californians are getting a taste of the burger I can get on my way to the subway (yes, Shake Shack actually has a location at the Fulton Street station). And if we’re lucky, this won’t be the only way Shake Shack is expanding this year. Maybe it will finally add those chicken tenders we've been hearing about.