The glitter topped creation was inspired the B-52s iconic song "Love Shack."
Shake Shack Valentine's Day
Credit: Courtesy of Shake Shack

This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to appreciate the things in love that you love unconditionally. Now take a moment to think about what or who those things are. Who springs to mind? Your spouse? Well, there was that time she left the dishes sitting in the sink for a week straight, so maybe not. Your parents? Maybe you’re still not over that year they made you take your class photos in that outfit. You know the one I mean. Let me help you along here: It’s your dog. Your dog recieves (and returns) an endless amount of love from you, hardly asking for anything in return (except to be fed and a belly rub or two doesn’t hurt either). And if it’s not your dog, its your neighbor’s dog, or your aunt’s dog, or that dog you met in the park in the other day. This year, Shake Shack wants to help you show your appreciation to your furry friends, with a limited-edition shake.

The pretty pink concoction, which comes complete with a glittery silver topping, is called the Love Shack Shake (I dare you to say that 10 times fast), and it was inspired the B-52s song Love Shack. For every Love Shack Shake sold, $2 will be donated to Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that pairs assistance dogs with disabled people free of charge. You already know how much love a dog can bring into someone’s life. Canine Companions for Independence wants to give the people who need it most the opportunity to experience that unconditional love from a service animal of their very own.

Unfortunately, it's a limited edition deal: The Love Shack Shake is only available in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City from February 9 to February 18. While you have the chance, take advantage of this Valentine’s Day win-win situation. You get to indulge in a strawberry shake while showing the world just how much you care by donating to a cause that brings real love into someone’s life. If there’s any purpose to Valentine’s Day (other than an opportunity to eat chocolate without remorse) it should be that.