And with its very own Burger of the Day, too. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 17, 2018
Courtesy of Fox

You want to try one of Bob’s burgers, don’t deny it. Sure, you could always stop by a nearby Shake Shack and get a non-cartoon burger, but none of those burgers have puns for names. Unfortunately, Bob and his struggling restaurant are confined to the realm of television. This San Diego Comic-Con, however, Shake Shack is blessing fans of the show with a special treat: The Mission Valley location will transform in a real-life Bob’s Burgers.

As Eater reports, when Comic-Con kicks off this Thursday, FOX will give Mission Valley’s Shake Shack a full makeover, which includes adding a full replica of the restaurant’s dining counter, in honor of the show’s 150th episode. And, of course, there will be a Burger of the Day special on hand that would make Bob proud. It’s called the “Can I Have Your Slaw-tograph” Burger,” a cheeseburger “topped with barbecue pulled pork, jalapeño, pickles, and scallion slaw.”

FOX is holding a private event with the show’s cast on Friday, but it will open up to the public on Saturday and Sunday, and you can try the burger for yourself.

There was a Bob’s Burgers pop-up in New York City last December (which had a different burger special for every day it was open) but it only lasted a week. These chances to get a taste of Bob’s creations really are limited.

Need more Bob’s Burgers in your life? A full-length movie is planned for 2020—complete with plenty of musical numbers. Of course, you might to bring Bob and his burgers into your kitchen: You could always try out the show’s (pun-filled) cookbook? Even better, a recent collaboration with Blue Apron will feature burger-centric meal kits with names like “Quantum of Salsa” and “Gouda Wife” burger (yeah, this show really loves a good pun), designed by Egg Slut’s very own Alvin Cailan.