And with its very own Burger of the Day, too. 

bobs burgers restaurant
Credit: Courtesy of Fox

You want to try one of Bob’s burgers, don’t deny it. Sure, you could always stop by a nearby Shake Shack and get a non-cartoon burger, but none of those burgers have puns for names. Unfortunately, Bob and his struggling restaurant are confined to the realm of television. This San Diego Comic-Con, however, Shake Shack is blessing fans of the show with a special treat: The Mission Valley location will transform in a real-life Bob’s Burgers.

As Eater reports, when Comic-Con kicks off this Thursday, FOX will give Mission Valley’s Shake Shack a full makeover, which includes adding a full replica of the restaurant’s dining counter, in honor of the show’s 150th episode. And, of course, there will be a Burger of the Day special on hand that would make Bob proud. It’s called the “Can I Have Your Slaw-tograph” Burger,” a cheeseburger “topped with barbecue pulled pork, jalapeño, pickles, and scallion slaw.”

FOX is holding a private event with the show’s cast on Friday, but it will open up to the public on Saturday and Sunday, and you can try the burger for yourself.

There was a Bob’s Burgers pop-up in New York City last December (which had a different burger special for every day it was open) but it only lasted a week. These chances to get a taste of Bob’s creations really are limited.

Need more Bob’s Burgers in your life? A full-length movie is planned for 2020—complete with plenty of musical numbers. Of course, you might to bring Bob and his burgers into your kitchen: You could always try out the show’s (pun-filled) cookbook? Even better, a recent collaboration with Blue Apron will feature burger-centric meal kits with names like “Quantum of Salsa” and “Gouda Wife” burger (yeah, this show really loves a good pun), designed by Egg Slut’s very own Alvin Cailan.